Not a usual reader...

Our Mission

More and more we make our own the fragments of other people's opinions, giving value to the fact that they are well expressed: newspapers, blogs, columnists. Without worrying about how the facts have objectively unfolded, reflecting on them and then finally forming our own opinion.

The functionalities present in the application make it not the usual RSS Reader, but a useful tool to combine Facts, Versions and Time to help you build your Opinion.

News is automatically grouped by topic, balanced by political expression and continuously updated.

Each news item is interpreted to understand its main Tags, Sentiment, Historical Depth compared to the same sources and any other related articles.

You can browse articles offline, create your own list of favourites and perform a free text search across all international and national sources.

You can also browse by Author, Source, Tag, Category and via the daily and weekly Tagcloud.

Every day we send you the most important news via Notification (up to 4), you can choose which topics you are most interested in or mute them all, as well as choose between two different color schemes, font size, language and country.

The more you use the app the more points you collect, weekly your level is calculated based on the points you collect, the more you level up the more features will become available in the app.

Configure Opinione

Let's start by configuring the application, in the settings section you can choose the colour theme, the font size, the application language and articles nationality, the push alerts for each arguments

Register your Email

In the Profile section you can enter your email, then enter the verification code that we will send you to confirm your registration. By the way, registering your email is important to collect Opinione points and thus enable more and more features in the application.

Get your Opinions

Start building your opinion based on facts, read the different points of view, find out how the news has evolved over time, compare the different versions and much more.

Collect Points & Increase your Level

Opinione is free, find out why in the frequently asked questions section. Opinione points serve as an incentive to use the application and their weekly calculation will allow you to move up a level.


Contact info(at)opinione.app to get more information on the application